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Framework Management

We have extensive experience in the rules and the intricacies of the East Midlands Property Alliance (empa) and other frameworks across the country. We have previously been heavily involved with framework submissions including pricing, compiling case studies, producing sections of the quality submissions and attending and running the interview process. We have been successful in securing numerous Frameworks including Hertfordshire (x2), Smarteast (Essex and Herts), Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, LGSS, empai and empaii.

Bid Management/2 stage tendering negotiations

We have been required to manage various different clients (each with their own interesting challenges), prepare cost plans and bid submissions in order to secure projects. We are able to produce the design work in-house for these documents, co-ordinated the documents and assessed any submissions at the same time. We would also review the documents to ensure that they were compliant and nothing was missing. We would also manage the risk on projects as we would adjudicate all the tenders/bids that were submitted.

Problem Solving & Efficiency Management

We have a very ‘level headed’ attitude to clients, staff and problems. Our initial reaction to all problems is to keep calm, obtain the facts, immediately look for the solutions rather than dwell on the issue, and resolve the problem before it becomes a bigger problem. Then once resolved, review what went wrong so that lessons can be learnt. We have a keen eye for potential time/cost savings within processes. We have extensive experience with the resolution of contractual and legal issues for clients. We also have an in-depth knowledge of Excel and can create cost management, tendering management and KPI spreadsheets with reporting facilities to save you time and giving you the up to date data you need to manage your business effectively without excessive cost. 

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