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Quadcopters (Drones)

We utilise the latest technology in quadcopters to ensure that the best quality images can be obtained in the safest way possible. We have full accreditation from the CAA and the appropriate insurances to carry out the work you require.*

We can quickly get any media to you for you to review as soon as the quadcopter has landed.

Roof Survey Work

With a background in the construction industry Third Frame understand the risks of working at height and the costs involved (and time organising temporary works sign off) with traditional access systems, such as scaffolding or MEWPs/Cherry Pickers. Clients will quite often find that problems lay around end user issues, such as blocked gutters or other maintenance problems. The cost (and time) of a Drone survey is significantly less than traditional access methods. 


We can, in most cases, attend site for a half day to quickly assess any potential problem and pass you the data quickly via the cloud for you to decide what actions are to be taken next.

Photography/Videography (including editing)

Marketing your work to your clients is critical. Your project from up to 400 feet in the air will be a great addition to any case study or promotional material you want to produce.

We are able to supply hi-resultion, royalty free images that will be 'polished-up' in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to make the most of the image. 

1080p or 4k video is also available. Why not create a video case study? Click Here to view the Video Page

* subject to site and weather restrictions



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